Head Nurse Christine Chapel
former bio-researcher
U.S.S. Enterprise

"She's a strong, calm woman, very much
in control of herself which emphasizes only
more for us the flickers of emotions that do
occasionally show through.

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Of course. How could I have been so mistaken?

I wish I was your coronary artery, so that I could be wrapped around your heart. 

I would surely hope not ! especially with Flecainide in play. That’d be one painful attachment, sweetie.



Is it that time of year again?

Are you made of copper and tellurium? Because your CuTe. 

What do you mean! It’s always that time of year.

Is your name Flecainide? Because I think you just made my heart skip a beat.

If they had a kid meme: Chapel/M'Benga

Name: Lauren M’Benga
Gender: Female
General Appearance: Lil cocoa nugget sent from heaven above look at that adorable face. Has unruly wild child dark brown hair and a heart melting smile. Winds up looking more like her mother the older she gets.
Personality: Quiet, observant, bordering on shy. Often hides behind those she knows when first meeting a stranger, keeps her nose in a book to the point of being almost rude, and occasionally makes a sarcastic remark when the timing is just off.
Special Talents: Creating uncomfortable silences to make people she doesn’t like go away.
Who they like better: Geof. He reads stories in all the appropriate voices.
Who they take after more: Geof
Personal Head canon: Lauren created her own language, all that messy syntax, gender pronouns, and swear words included. She teaches it to those she likes, and if you don’t know it chances are she will talk about you in her super secret code.
Face Claim:

send me a pair name and I’ll tell you what I think it would be like if they had a child.

  • Name:
  • Gender:
  • General Appearance:
  • Personality:
  • Special Talents:
  • Who they like better:
  • Who they take after more:
  • Personal Head canon:
  • Face Claim:


do you ever feel like you love a character more than their own writers do

//So am I the only one who knows where your FC and gifs are from? 666 Park Ave. That was a great show.

That’s where I found her actually! I just finished it uwu

Is that how you see me, Kirk.


As a replacement Carol. I’m so hurt right now.

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