Head Nurse Christine Chapel
former bio-researcher
U.S.S. Enterprise

"She's a strong, calm woman, very much
in control of herself which emphasizes only
more for us the flickers of emotions that do
occasionally show through.

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He enjoys the sunshine so much


He enjoys the sunshine so much

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           “‘course I do. You’re the doctor that frowns a lot. Has
           anyone told you that your bedside manner stinks — “

           Forgive her apprehensive state, she felt it was appropriate
           given how she couldn’t remember her own name - let alone
           the answers to his battery of tests. Chris’ head hurt, touching
           her temple despite being told countless times to not do it. 

           “…Sorry, my head still hurts.”

"Chris- Darling. Relax, it’s okay. We’re taking all the precautions, right now all there is left to do is wait. You’re Christine Chapel, and I promise you your memory will return eventually."

He’s a little at lost as to what to do, considering she doesn’t even have the basic medical knowledge he was so used to. They began as colleagues. He’d have to approach as friends.

"Leonard McCoy. Horatio." He included her middle name, fair’s fair. "Leonard Horatio McCoy. Would you feel better if we played twenty questions?"

Relax?! There was a sarcastic comment bubbling at the base of her throat but she didn’t feel comfortable with a biting remark. Not when he was being so kind, he didn’t deserve her fear. Chris breathed in shakily, doing as instructed and relaxing back against the bed.

"Leonard Horatio McCoy. What a mouthful." She thought about what she wanted to know at that time, a few personal questions coming to mind but she wasn’t entirely sure he’d be able to answer them. For starters: "Am I a good person?" a stark-contrast to what she almost snapped at Leonard earlier. For some reason, one Chapel couldn’t explain, this was important to her. To be good. Maybe that was why she chose this particular profession…? Oh, she didn’t know.

"I mean, being a nurse doesn’t automatically make you nice or anything but…what I’m saying is, do I do good?”


Aw come on I thought it was pretty funny!

Do you have a list of these somewhere?

{Sneaks up and whispers the dirtiest things in your ear} [[Pass this on to 10 other blogs to see how they react and show them you love them!!]]

                          “What is wrong with you.”

[halloween costume meme] wonder girl!



[ laughs ] Only if you dress up as Super Girl with me, sweetpea.





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What? No, don’t you get it? It’s acne!

…Oh, hon.

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